Number 212 – Carve Pumpkins – Spooky Cat & Mike From Monsters Inc

We had such fun carving pumpkins this Halloween.


We cut a lid in them, scraped down the insides and then let the children spoon the gruesome insides into a bucket.


Our daughter especially loved feeling the texture of the flesh & the seeds.


Our daughter wanted a cat and our son Mike from Monsters Inc, so we drew the designs on with a biro and then set about carving them.

IMG_7782 IMG_7785

Not amazing photos but they were a lot of fun to do and looked pretty effective.

Stacey x

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Halloween Food – Dirt & Snakes, Pumpkin Cookies & Dirt & Slime Biscuits.

We have been having lots of fun inventing spooky puddings & treats here at Stay At Home Mummy.

The first pudding was Dirt & Snakes also known as chocolate brownie with sour snake sweets.image

Then we had cookies iced as pumpkins.


I also drew a pumpkin face on a Satsuma as well as a ghost. The children wanted to eat them as soon as they saw them!


Finally we made dirt & slime biscuits which were of course just biscuits iced with green icing & sprinkled with chocolate sprinkles.image

The children loved helping to make these and enjoyed eating ‘disgusting’ treats!

Stacey x

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Number 289 – Blowing Paint With Straws – Spooky Spider & Wicked Witch

I decided to complete this item off of the bucket list when we were building up towards Halloween.

We made spooky spiders by drawing the body and putting 8 black splodges of paint in place for the legs and blowing them with a straw.

Here is my daughters picture, helped a lot by me:IMG_7720 (Large) Here is my sons, he drew the face and blew the legs himself.IMG_7721 (Large)

I then experimented and drew a witch and ‘blew’ the hair & broom and made this:

IMG_7719 (Large)

The possibilities with this type of painting are endless.

A black cat with a long ‘blown’ tail, a spooky blob monster and blow the edges, or a Dracula face with ‘blown’ drips of blood coming from his fangs!

Happy Halloween

Stacey x

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Number 277 – Make Ghost Footprints

We decided that as we were taking the children trick or treating to our family & friends homes, we would like to give out a little something to say thank you.

We made 10 of these ghost footprints which were so easy to make and were a lot of fun to do.

I squeezed some white paint onto a washing up sponge, sponged it onto one of my children’s feet and got them to slowly stamp on the black card. I re-applied between stamps.

Then I washed their feet off in a washing up bowl. When the white paint was dry, I painted black eyes & mouth and printed off a message on the computer & stuck it on.


These were very well received and we were sure to keep one at home for us too!

Stacey x


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Number 387 – Eat Halloween Cheese Burgers

For tea the evening before Halloween we completed number 387 on our bucket list – Eat Halloween Cheese Burgers!

A really simple yet effective Halloween tea, simply carve a cheese slice into a pumpkin shape with a pumpkin face, put back in the fridge to retain shape and place on freshly cooked burgers!


Make sure you let the children make them bloody (with ketchup) before eating!

Stacey x

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